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AXS-One Teams With Renew

RUTHERFORD, N.J. and AUSTIN, Texas -- AXS-One [OTCBB: AXSO], a leading provider of scalable, high-performance records compliance management (RCM) solutions, and RenewData, a leading provider of e-discovery and electronically stored information risk management (ESIRM) services, today announced an agreement that will deliver a complete offering for enterprise-class proactive litigation readiness. An industry first, the solution leverages RenewData's market leading non-native data extraction, file filtering and data processing technology and processes and AXS-One's award-winning archiving and records management software platform.

This consolidated offering enables IT and litigation teams to proactively plan for and manage the processing of all electronically stored information (ESI) required for litigation – identify, analyze, collect, archive, preserve, cull, review, produce and destroy. Uniquely, the entire process provides a legally defensible chain-of-custody process that will enable users to demonstrate the disposition of all pertinent records in their custody.

The solution includes RenewData's forensic collection, data extraction and processing of historical data and backup tapes with AXS-One's archival and indexing of all ESI. These archive records can include electronic record types including e-mail, PST files, records stored in file systems, reports, desktop documents and images . Leveraging AXS-One's single, integrated archiving repository, all records pertaining to a specific case or cases can be preserved and managed, in line with litigation hold orders. Organizations now will have an unprecedented level of capability in records management, allowing them to archive all records, including historical data, within a designated central repository. Additionally, the solution provides corporations with the ability to use AXS-One's tools to search the archive for potentially responsive information and to utilize RenewData's hosted tools for comprehensive litigation review and production.

The solution directly addresses the requirements introduced at the end of 2006 by the amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), which has stimulated organizations to get their electronic records in order or suffer the consequences in the judicial system. To meet FRCP regulations, which require corporations to quickly produce large or specific volumes of data, organizations must have forensically sound chain-of-custody procedures and archiving abilities to ensure data is handled appropriately in the event of litigation.

“The AXS-One Compliance Platform coupled with RenewData's ESIRM services creates an end-to-end solution that truly addresses current legal realities and can support a company in the event of litigation. The solution not only creates a single repository for all data, but also provides for the secure retention and disposition of it. Until now, there was a disconnect between the management of historical data and that of current data, which presented a challenge and a potential liability for corporations in terms of records management and archiving,” said Bill Lyons, CEO, AXS-One. “Other products only address a portion of the electronic records lifecycle, but this is a complete solution that provides identification, de-duplication, reduction, consolidation and archiving processes resulting in the ability to proactively manage, retain, preserve, hold, export, and dispose of current and historical data.”

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