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AXS-One Releases V3.7

RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- AXS-One [OTCBB: AXSO], a leading provider of scalable, high-performance records compliance management (RCM) solutions, today extended its leadership within the IBM Lotus Notes and Domino market with the release of Version 3.7 of the market leading AXS-One Compliance Platform. This latest release adds significant features and functionality with broad applications for Lotus Notes and Domino environments and will be showcased at Lotusphere 2008 (Pedestal #509-510) in Orlando, Florida.

Version 3.7 introduces enhanced and new functionality for mailbox management, product administration, as well as the performance and flexibility of the entire archiving process, and addresses requirements for offline and mobile users. Overall, the changes result in unprecedented processing improvements and ease of use, reducing the burden on Lotus Notes and Domino administrators while addressing growing issues associated with policy-based retention of increasing volumes of data, optimization of the archiving process and the requirements of mobile users, as well as exploiting new functionality available in IBM Lotus Domino 8.

Among the high performance enhancements in Version 3.7 is a new streamlined and multi-threaded archiving process that focuses on key requirements for enterprise class implementations. Additionally, an online status dashboard gives administrators real time access to key performance indicators, allowing them to assess and tune the archiving process and providing fast exception diagnosis and error recovery.

Version 3.7 has also been enhanced to facilitate configuration and ongoing product administration requirements with a native IBM Lotus Notes user interface (UI) that provides advanced functionality to address emerging requirements in the Lotus Notes and Domino environment. The solution also specifically addresses the broader bottlenecks: metadata and internal data structures such as Addressees, Folders and Views. While many users assume that removing e-mail attachments will result in efficient mail files and servers, these structures use more significant resources than attachments. This innovative solution restores mailbox efficiencies by optimizing these structures without any changes to end-user experience.

“This release not only confirms our continued commitment to the Lotus Notes environment but also clearly extends our technology leadership in this market,” said Bill Lyons, CEO, AXS-One. “Corporations are concerned that as technology, regulatory and business environments continue to change, their archiving solution can rapidly evolve to address those changes and anticipate future requirements. AXS-One’s next generation of archiving tools for the Lotus Notes and Domino market leverages our domain expertise in the Lotus Notes environment as well as our 15 years of proven experience in high performance archiving. Version 3.7 not only allows customers to optimize their Lotus Notes and Domino operational environments and realize costs savings, but also to address massively evolving demands in the areas of litigation readiness, risk management and regulatory compliance. Only AXS-One can provide a single, integrated solution to address all of those requirements.”

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