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Avago Intros Transceiver

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Avago Technologies today announced
availability of the industry's first 8 Gb/sec SFP optical transceivers for
Fibre Channel applications. The company is a leading supplier of interface
components for communications, industrial and consumer applications. With
excellent transmitter optical and electromagnetic interference (EMI)
performance, the AFBR-57D5APZ doubles the bandwidth of previous Fibre
Channel SFP optical transceivers. The new transceiver is also compliant
with industry SFP + multi-service agreements and enables the production of
standards-based 8 Gb/sec SAN switches, storage arrays, host bus adapters and
tape drives.

"Our high-performance 8 Gb/sec Fibre Channel optical transceivers are
already in 8G storage products shipping today," said David D'Andrea,
director of marketing for Avago Technologies' fiber optic products division.
"With high-quality products and superior service, we've aggressively
increased our share in the storage market with nearly two million 4 Gb/sec
transceivers sold in the last twelve months. The introduction of our 8
Gb/sec transceiver and work on 16Gb/sec technologies demonstrates Avago's
continued leadership in the storage industry. Further, our internal VCSEL
source supports a steady and reliable supply of SAN products."

Avago's new AFBR-57D5APZ is designed to be compliant with FC-PI-4 standards
over multimode optical fiber at signaling rates from 8.5 Gb/sec to 2.125
Gb/sec without the need for external rate select inputs. It provides
real-time temperature, supply voltage, laser bias current, laser average
output power and received input power diagnostic information. The
AFBR-57D5APZ's digital diagnostic interface also adds the ability to disable
the transmitter, monitor for transmitter faults and monitor for receiver
loss of signal.

Avago's AFBR-57D5APZ is available in link lengths up to 150 meters for 8.5
Gb/sec; up to 300 meters at 4.25 Gb/sec.; and up to 500 meters at 2.125
Gb/sec. It leverages all standard features and capabilities of Avago's
widely adopted 4G SFP modules, including DMI and RoHS compliance.

Avago Technologies Pte.