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AutoVirt Offers AutoClone

NASHUA, N.H. -- AutoVirt, Inc., a leading provider of Windows data migration solutions, today announced the release of its AutoClone™ Windows data replication software. AutoClone helps customers dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of their Windows data replications, in order to ensure resource optimization, data protection, consistency and availability, as well as disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity.

“The limitations of conventional Windows data replication technologies are well recognized in the industry, however until now there simply hasn’t been a viable alternative,” said Terri McClure, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “The parallel streaming, differential file copy and exception handling in AutoVirt’s AutoClone Windows data replication solution provides customers with a quantum leap in such critical areas as speed, efficiency, reliability and ease-of-use.”

“Indeed, customers have historically been faced with a number of challenges around their Windows data replication initiatives – especially in the areas of speed, exception handling and licensing/installation,” said Josh Klein, president and CEO, AutoVirt. “AutoClone offers customers the ability to overcome these hurdles. First of all, it dramatically increases the speed of replications via its ability to process files in parallel versus one-by-one. This subtle difference makes AutoClone as much as 20 times faster than any other solution on the market today. In fact, one of our customers has reduced his regular sync operation, which includes over 20 million files synchronized between geographically disparate data centers, from days to hours. The second key challenge we enable customers to overcome is that of exception handling. When AutoClone encounters an open, encrypted, or password protected file, it doesn’t stop the replication process, but instead maintains a meticulous log, and continues operations. Last but not least, customers appreciate that the AutoClone license agreement covers every server in a single domain.”