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The Automation of IT

Manufacturing has its robots. Finance has its credit reports. When it comes to automation, IT has Identity Management (IdM) suites. With their combination of enterprise provisioning and automated password management, IdM suites enable the biggest organizations to shave man-hours off IT operations, improve security, and ease compliance woes.

Select IdM Market Vendors

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The vendors touting these suites constitute the biggest names in security, management systems, and applications--we're talking BMC Software, CA, HP, IBM, Novell, Oracle, and Sun Microsystems. Having spent millions gobbling up IdM companies, they're now looking to recoup their investments by targeting their suites at midtier enterprises (see "Select Vendors From the IdM Market").

For IT architects, those suites sound like an ideal solution to the privacy and administrative concerns that plague today's organizations. They're easily deployable and inexpensive, according to the vendors, making them the perfect fit for cash-strapped, resource-starved IT departments.

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