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Auspex Unleashes a Brat

Auspex Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: ASPX) has jumped on the bandwagon of companies rolling out low-end network attached storage (NAS) products. After years of dwindling market share, the maker of high-end NAS filers is banking on the tactic to improve its market share.

Auspex's new offering is the "brat," a NAS device for small- to mid-sized companies or departments of large businesses (see Auspex's Brat Sits Where It Wants). It includes 500 gigabytes of storage and is expandable to four terabytes.

The brat marks a new strategy for Auspex. This is the first product they’ll sell exclusively through resellers,” says Mike Kahn, chairman of The Clipper Group Inc. consultancy.

"The problem in the past," says Auspex director of marketing Mark Amelang, "was the challenge of selling the high-end products through a third party." The complexity of Auspex's high-end gear made it tough for resellers to do justice to the servers' complex configurations, he asserts.

Amelang says the company's goal now is to increase the visibility of all Auspex products by penetrating new customer accounts with resellers that peddle the brat, which he claims beats all similarly priced competing products in throughput.

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