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AT&T Aims For Internet Television

In an effort to secure a position in Internet-based television, AT&T Inc. reported an agreement Tuesday with Akimbo Systems to offer Internet-based video-on-demand to its Homezone TV service subscribers. The service begins this summer.

The AT&T Homezone service, being trialed within several states, integrates AT&T Yahoo! high-speed Internet and AT&T DISH Network programming. The service provides video on demand, digital video, and Internet content, such as photos and music through a set-top box.

Akimbo's digital content library offers more than 10,000 television programs and movies-on-demand. The company said it adds daily more than 150 titles in 85 categories, from music and sports to movies and educational programs.

The service, which combines Internet and Dish Network programming, intends to complement AT&T's Project Lightspeed, a multi-billion dollar fiber upgrade that will let AT&T sell Internet protocol television (IPTV) service to homes, as the offering continues to roll out, an AT&T spokeswoman said.

An online guide with video search functions provides full program descriptions and previews. Remote access with an Internet-connected computer lets subscribers browse and download programs, so new shows are available for viewing when they get home.