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Astrum Catches 11 Sweet Ones

Storage resource management (SRM) software developer Astrum Software Corp. has landed 11 new customers in its fourth quarter, a significant endorsement given the grim state of the economy.

The company began the quarter with the announcement of its active SRM product, Astrum 1.5, a storage software application that provides active policy-based management of data storage resources and applications (see Astrum Gets Active).

Moreover, according to Astrum, over 90 percent of its existing customer base upgraded to version 1.5 of the company's software in the fourth quarter, and nearly a quarter of the existing customers purchased additional licenses, the company says. Astrum declined to say how many customers it has total.

Robert Infantino, founder and executive VP of business development at Astrum, says the biggest driver for its software is resource consolidation.

"Our customers are consolidating from over a thousand or so servers into the hundreds, and as they implement centralized storage they are using our software to categorize data," he says. Astrum's product automates the process by which data is migrated to the new architecture. For example, according to policies set by the administrator, the software can detect which data is a year old, which is non-business related, or which should be archived to tape, and move it accordingly. [Ed. note: While the admin goes off and reads the newspaper.]

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