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Ascott Moves to LightEdge

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Strong flooding in downtown Cedar Rapids have caused businesses to leave their offices and seek alternative business plans. Ascott Transcription Service, a Cedar Rapids company which provides medical transcription services for Veterans Administration hospitals, today reacted to the flooding by moving company servers and key staff to a business continuity facility located in Altoona, IA.

Ascott, a LightEdge Voice-over-IP and Business Internet customer since 2005, has provisioned a server rack and seats in the business recovery workspace for key employees through an emergency action initiative by LightEdge Solutions. The companys Voice-over-IP phone system will be quickly redirected to phones already provisioned in the workspace.
“I’m at a loss for words,” said a still shaken Bernard Gill, the Vice President of Ascott Transcriptions Service. “When our best plans failed, we turned to LightEdge for support and to ensure the survival of our business.”

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