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Array Adds Vista Support to VPN Software

F5 Network also recently announced support for Vista in the company's FirePass SSL VPN. Vista support is important for SSL VPN vendors because one of their key functions is to make access as platform-independent as possible. That said, it's not a make-or-break feature, especially given IT's cautious approach to upgrading to the new OS.
Andrew Conry-Murray
NWC Reviews Editor

Array Networks said this week it has updated its SPX Series SSL VPN software to support Microsoft Vista and Internet Explorer 7.

Array claims to be one of the first VPN vendors to support Vista, though there have been a few others (see analysis at right). While one of Vista's main promises is increased security features, some of which would benefit a VPN environment, enterprises have been slow to roll out the new OS. That means Vista support in enterprise software such as VPN is not necessarily a pressing concern--at least not yet.

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