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ArcSight Intros Suite

CUPERTINO, Calif. -- ArcSight, Inc., a leader in enterprise security and compliance management solutions, today introduced the ArcSight Log Management Suite, its next-generation log management platform for collecting, managing, storing and analyzing the full range of enterprise log data, including commercial and legacy log formats, protocols, devices, and applications not covered by niche log management solutions.

Regulatory mandates and industry standards such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) are driving the need for cost effective, comprehensive and audit-quality log collection, storage and analysis. These regulations also necessitate automated retention policies and intelligent analysis for reporting and alerting against all log data. Increasingly, organizations are using log management to enhance security posture, assist in network and system management, and improve service-level agreements. ArcSight is equipped to address all of these use cases with the scale and breadth needed to adapt to evolving regulatory requirements as they encompass the application IT infrastructure.

Key Features of the ArcSight Log Management Suite:

  • Ultra-high performance log collection, archival and analysis with a broad range of price/performance options to meet the needs of small and medium businesses to the most sophisticated enterprise.
  • Complete audit-quality controls enabled by a unique distributed collection centralized storage architecture, which supports raw data collection from the broadest range of sources and end-to-end secure and reliable transport and storage.
  • State-of-the art analysis portal enhances enterprise IT intelligence through rapid forensics searches, comprehensive reporting, personalized or role-based dashboards, and real time alerting.
  • Comprehensive, pre-packaged, authoritative content targeted at specific mandates such as PCI and SOX empowers organizations to meet compliance initiatives efficiently and minimize extraneous manual audit efforts.

    "We capture log data from over 8,000 hosts, 1,000 access points, 500 switches, and 200 routers," said Arsen Khousnotdinov, manager of networks, security, and telecommunications at Boston Medical Center. "At the same time, we have very strict security requirements to protect patient data, prescription data, doctor-to-doctor communications, and research. We use log event information to prevent compliance and security violations and improve our overall security posture. The ArcSight Log Management Suite has the performance and scale to manage log data in a network as massive as ours, but provides point-and-click usability to help us rapidly filter through log events, assess our risk potential, and take effective action."

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