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Apple Nibbles at SANs

Apple took the wraps off version 2 of its Xsan software today, the first major upgrade to its MAC OS file system software.

Amongst the enhancements are MultiSAN, which lets users on an individual workstation access multiple SANs at the same time. Apple also has added the ability to support RAID storage from Promise Technology.

Could this spell the end of the line for Apple's own XServe RAID systems? Quite possibly: Apple's Website directs visitors searching for XServe RAID to a page featuring Promise Technology's 24-Tbyte VTrak device.

Discussions on the Apple Insider message board today centered on the mysterious "disappearance" of the XServe RAID on the Apple Website, and users also voiced their concern about the vendor's ability to keep them in the loop.

With the XServe RAID said to be gaining traction, users were surprised by Apple's apparent decision to pull the plug on the product line.

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