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Apple MacBook Pro

Call me Homer Simpson. I stand before the apotheosis of Apple's new computer architecture direction, a MacBook Pro containing an Intel Core Duo, and all I can say is, "Cord goes in, cord goes out, cord goes in, cord goes out."

Why? Because one of the MacBook Pro's many new features is MagSafe, a magnetically coupled power cord connection that can withstand powerful yanking without taking the computer with it. Mechanical connections wear out; this withstands Simpson-scale idiocy.

Fortunately, Lisa Simpson kicks in at some point, and I start reveling in the speed, design, light weight, and thin form factor of this completely overhauled computer which started shipping to consumers in February.

According to Apple, the PowerBook line became out of date due to what the company said was IBM and Freescale's inability to produce substantially faster PowerPC G4 and G5 chips that didn't also produce enormous additional amounts of heat -- which was impractical for laptops. The switch to Intel allows this new model to leap a generation beyond PowerBooks while, through emulation, still supporting most existing software applications as programmers update them.

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