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AOL To Use Radar To Search For Spammer's Gold

AOL was preparing to use radar and sonar detection equipment to search for buried gold and platinum in the yard of spammer Davis Wolfgang Hawke's grandparents in suburban Boston.

Hawke, who lost a $12.8 million judgment to AOL, had told friends that he planned to use his spamming proceeds to purchase precious metal bars and bury them in family property.

Robert Davis, Hawke's grandfather, decided to compromise with AOL and permit the company to use the detection gear rather than fight the company in expensive court proceedings, according to press reports Wednesday. The move will likely keep AOL from digging up Davis' property.

Still pending is AOL's effort to search the property of Hawke's parents -- also located in suburban Boston -- for any buried loot in their yard. Both the parents and grandparents have said they don't believe Hawke buried anything in their property.

Hawke, who has used different names, disappeared after the AOL judgment.