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And the Point, Again?

2:20 PM -- We can't say who, but marketeers from a startup in the storage space wrote yesterday to ask if we wanted a "prebriefing." Only the gist wasn't a new product or service, but something called a product proof point.

Unfortunately, we can't blur brand names as they do on reality TV, so here's some of yesterday's note, with specifics deleted, since we agreed to respect their embargoed release:

    Next week ________ will announce the first product proof point in its recently announced ___________ Strategy... This product is the first step in fulfilling ________'s vision of giving customers a holistic view of their data protection environmentinstead of trying to piece together diverse point products.

So a product proof point is not a point product. Got it?

A product proof point is not just any old product announcement, either. It's part of a larger scheme. A Holistic scheme, if you will. When you're big and bold enough to have a proof point, there's little risk your announcement will be relegated to the run-of-mill release bucket. In fact, you won't have one release, but several, just to ensure that the messaging around your product proof point produces... well, produces.

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