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And Justice for SMBs

10:35 AM - Okay, the SMB market is HOT. But keep this in mind: The same customer most storage vendors idolize these days can be the guy who has trouble keeping his office lights on.

Thankfully, at least one company understands. The aptly named Marauder Corporation offers Bill Collector In a Box , an "Easy to Use, All in One Debt Collection Resource." Listen up:

    With large corporations dominating the business landscape, it is often difficult for small companies to get the justice they deserve... Bill Collector In A Box is software designed to give small business owners a voice by making it easy, efficient and inexpensive to get payments from debtors and report debtors to the Credit Bureau.

We understand that for $200, Bill shows up at your customer's virtual door with a big stick and some other stuff, ready to take back what's rightfully yours. A user testifies:

    "I had a bad check from an out-of-town customer and had no idea what to do," said Rob Dorn of Building the Dream Construction. "The Bill Collector in a Box software made it simple to contact my customer with a professional yet firm demand for a payment. I received a full payment a week later."

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