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Analysis: Chips In 2006

In three years, when the entire universe of PC computing -- desktop, mobile, server -- is running on highly efficient dual-core, quad-core and eight-core CPU platforms, we'll all look back on 2006 as the year the new world of processors began.

2006 CPU Roadmap

•  Introduction

•  Intel: 65nm Fabrication

•  Intel's Big Shift

•  AMD: Staying The Course

•  AMD: Sockets And Chips

•  What And When To Buy

Both Intel and AMD released dual-core desktop processors in 2005, but consumers are just now beginning to upgrade into the realm of increased hyper-tasking efficiency.

The transition hasn't been entirely smooth -- particularly for Intel, whose Pentium D series of dual-core processors were the target of frequent snipes from techno-critics disappointed by the limitations inherent to processors' architecture.

In contrast, AMD's X2 series of dual-core CPUs impressed critics with highly improved real-world speed increases, winning numerous head-to-head showdowns against Pentium D 800 CPUs.

AMD is playing its plans for 2006 close to the vest.

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