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AmeriVault Intros ATS

WALTHAM, Mass. -- AmeriVault Corp. (, a leading provider of online data backup, offsite storage and recovery services, today announced the availability of information lifecycle solutions to address the common storage cost and management burden organizations face with archiving older, less critical data volumes.

Quite often, low and high-value data reside on the same premium storage, resulting in over-burdened local storage resources and increasing total costs. As a remedy, AmeriVault introduces two offsite solutions to store less critical data on more cost-effective disk. AmeriVault-DG, a new digital archiving service, accommodates storage for primary data and AmeriVault Tiered Storage (ATS), is a lifecycle solution that automatically migrates older backup retentions to less costly vault storage.

Ideal for marketing files, agency work and project data, AmeriVault-DG is an
offsite data garage to park static, less accessed data affordably. For
individual files, storage and retrieval is accomplished quickly with a few clicks - or for larger volumes, a portable disk device may be dispatched.
The interface and file index is user-friendly with basic search capability for locating files quickly.

ATS is used in conjunction with AmeriVault's flagship online backup service, AmeriVault-AV. ATS allows companies to setup policies for migrating older, less critical backup retentions to more cost-effective disk storage. In the process, a greater focus is placed on keeping more current and critical backup data on premium storage that is replicated on AmeriVault's redundant data vault, located 1,000 miles away from the primary facility.

"Despite the fact that storage prices have come down significantly in recent years, it's still an expensive and time-consuming proposition for data-intensive companies to continue to backup and store data that is rarely used," said Bud Stoddard, President & CEO of AmeriVault. "These solutions make it easy for businesses of all sizes, but especially small businesses, to cost-effectively store and retrieve less critical data."

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