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AMD Antitrust Suit Alleges Intel Used Coercion

LONDON — AMD Inc. has filed an antitrust suit against Intel Corp. alleging that its archrival has been operating an unlawful monopoly in the x86 microprocessor market and has coerced computer makers, distributors, small system builders and retailers in their dealings with AMD.

The 48-page complaint, filed Tuesday (June 28) in the U.S. District Court in Delaware, identifies 38 companies that AMD alleges have been victims of coercion by Intel. It also claims seven illegal tactics across three continents.

"Everywhere in the world, customers deserve freedom of choice and the benefits of innovation — and these are being stolen away in the microprocessor market," said AMD CEO Hector Ruiz.

"Whether through higher prices from monopoly profits, fewer choices in the marketplace or barriers to innovation — people from Osaka to Frankfurt to Chicago pay the price in cash every day for Intel's monopoly abuses."

Lawmakers in the U.S., Japan and Europe have been pursuing investigations against Intel for similar alleged antitrust violations. Japanese authorities and the European Commission have been coordinating their efforts.

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