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Altiris Eases Vista Migrations

Altiris was one of Microsoft's Vista launch partners, and OS upgrades are clearly one of the most important applications for a product like Deployment Solution. If even a leader in software migration is only now fully supporting Vista, the rest of us have good reason to be concerned about other applications.
The Software Compatibility Suite aims to help with this, thanks to its testing and application-virtualization capabilities. But whereas the Deployment Solution is shipping now, the Compatibility Suite is not planned for release until some time in Q2. By then, Altiris will have become a division of Symantec (assuming regulatory and stockholder approval) which could give the company its own migration problems.
Andrew Dornan
NWC Technology Editor

Altris introduced a pair of service-based management products this week designed to ease Windows Vista PC deployments.

The Altris Application Compatibility Suite finds problems that that might stall a migration while the Vista-ready version of Altris Deployment Solution automates the implementation process itself.

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