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Agami Hauls Hybrid Storage

Startup Agami is the latest firm to tap into user demand for low-cost iSCSI storage. Today the vendor is taking the wraps off a family of hybrid storage devices that combine both NAS and iSCSI. (See Agami Gets $11M.)

More and more vendors are focusing their attention on iSCSI, which is growing in popularity as a cheaper alternative to Fibre Channel. (See The iSCSI Subtext to 10-GigE and EqualLogic Tops Offs SAS Series.) Last week, for example, Virtual Iron added iSCSI support to its virtualization software, and XenSource is planning a similar announcement later this month. (See Virtual Iron Dangles iSCSI Savings, Virtual Iron Announces 3.5, and XenSource.)

Analyst firm IDC estimates that from now through 2010, iSCSI SANs will show a CAGR for worldwide revenue of 74.8 percent, compared to 4.1 percent for Fibre Channel. (See Connecting the iSCSI Dots.)

At least one analyst thinks that hybrid devices are the shape of things to come. "I think it's going to become sort of a prerequisite," says Arun Taneja of the Taneja Group. "We're going to see this pretty much from everybody. If somebody is trying to offer less expensive boxes, offering iSCSI with NAS is much more important than offering Fibre Channel and NAS."

Agami, which up until now has focused its attention on NAS, is not actually unveiling new hardware today, but a software upgrade it says will open up 256 iSCSI targets on its 9.6-Tbyte AIS 3000 and 24-Tbyte AIS 6000 products. (See Agami Plots Upgrade and Agami Claims 50 Customers.)

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