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Addonics Launches SDCS

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Addonics Technologies today announced the Saturn Drive Cartridge System (SDCS), a high-capacity removable storage solution that allows users to hot swap drive cartridges just like they were a video cassette.

The Addonics SDCS, with choice of SATA or USB interface, includes a high-performance drive cartridge in 300, 500 and 750GBs capacities. The primary components of the Addonics SDCS are:

1.) The SDCS drive cradle, which installs in a 5 drive bay of any computer system with choice of USB or SATA connection.

2.) The SDCS Cartridge in storage capacities of 300, 500 and 750 GBs

3.) The optional USIB interface cable, which allows users to use the SDCS cartridge as an external storage device by attaching the drive cartridge to any computer via the USB, Firewire, eSATA, or Cardbus/PCMCIA interface. This feature gives Addonics SDCS cartridge a distinct advantage over other removable media systems such as floppy, tape cartridges, or other cartridge systems because the media does not have to be used in its own drive mechanism. The data in the SDCS cartridge can be accessed practically by any system.

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