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Addonics Adds Adapter

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Addonics Technologies today announced a PCI adapter that can add as many as four Compact Flash (CF) cards to any system with RAID redundancy support.

The Addonics Quad CF PCI adapter (AD4CFPRJ) is Addonics newest solution for creating a low cost large capacity SSD (solid state drive). The adapter fits into any PCI slot, either standard height or low profile, and allows as many as four Compact Flash media of any capacity to be used like an ordinary hard drive.

The adapter includes built-in firmware, which allows the four CF cards to be configured as one large volume, four individual drives, or configured for redundancy with support for RAID 0 (Striped), RAID 1 (Mirrored), and RAID 10 (Mirrored Striped).

With the increased capacity and lowering costs of flash media, replacing the hard drive with CF as a boot drive is now a viable alternative because CF offers lower power consumption and no moving parts.

Addonics Technologies Inc.