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Acronym Wars: DPM Vs. CDP

Maybe the best thing about the Symantec vs. Microsoft data protection race is that we were spared the crass opportunism of vendors using recent hurricane devastation to pound the point home, literally and figuratively.

Yes, that job is best left to journalists. We really get annoyed when the vendors start poaching.

So yes, unless you've been in a cave all week, you would have been hard-pressed to miss the wave of vendor announcements, with the dual anchors of Symantec and its Backup Exec Continuous Protection Server, a continuous data protection (CDP) piece of software, and on the other end, Microsoft's Data Protection Manager (DPM).

Then came the rest of the industry choosing sides, which really means: Lining up behind Microsoft. In addition to Computer Associates, Yosemite Technologies and CommVault Systems, Hewlett-Packard signed on to the DPM interface, as did EqualLogic.

But since this is the storage industry, at least one vendor (or its excitable PR firm) can be counted on to pee in the pool. Network Appliance offered up this counterpoint in e-mail late last week to what it termed the data protection "bandwagon."

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