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Accordance Systems Launches High Performance 1U Height M70 eSATA/SATA RAID Controller

Des Moines, IA - May 12, 2009 - Accordance Systems today announced the availability of the new and simple to install ARAID M70 RAID 1 Controller that provides back-up and security capabilities. The Accordance Systems ARAID M70 supports both eSATA and SATA.and allows use of 2.5 inch or 3.5 inch hard drives. By connecting two hard drives inside the computer chassis, the Accordance ARAID M70 copies all data to both drives. If either drive fails, the system continues running on the surviving drive and alerts you of the event. There is no downtime for the system.

"The Accordance Systems ARAID M70 is an affordable, easy to install and use back-up solution for demanding applications," said Steve Johnson, president of Accordance USA. "Slide the M70 into an open chassis slot, attach the power and hard drive cables and you are ready to go. The M70 automatically sets up the disks as a RAID system and backs up the data from your primary disk onto the second disk. Once set up, the M70 then behaves just like a single hard disk but constantly mirrors data onto the two hard drives, assuring that your system is protected in case one of the drives dies. Its automatic and transparent."

The M70 management and monitoring system includes a LCD panel display with system status, disk operations, temperature, disk read & write status, and audible and email alarms for impending disk and cooling problems. Because there is no need for drivers or any other applications, the M70 can work with almost any operating system including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris, BSD, SCO Open Server, Netware, etc. All BIOS and operating systems view the ARAID M70 as a simple drive and treat it accordingly.

It also includes an SNMP Agent for Windows and Linux systems that provides enterprise level MIB, MIB II and Trap support.

The Accordance Systems ARAID M70 controller is $175. Volume discounts are available. For more information please visit the Accordance website at:

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