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Aberdeen Server Uses Brute Force To Tackle High-End Apps

Solution providers serving smaller businesses often feel compelled to recommend underpowered servers to meet low price points. These same solution providers often have to opt for oversized units to handle demanding power-hungry enterprise applications.

Aberdeen’s Stonehaven A381 is a brute of a server housed in a tidy 3U package. It is small enough and affordable enough for smaller businesses, yet powerful enough to tackle the most cutting-edge applications.

Stonehaven A381 is well-suited to act as a high-performance technical and scientific computing server or as a heavily burdened enterprise system. In fact, solution providers can configure this server to meet the needs of most customers.

The rackmount server features two 64-bit dual-core AMD Opteron processors, which start at 1.4GHz with a 1-Mbyte cache. Dual-core technology places two processing cores on a single die, so that a two-way server can perform as a four-way unit. The technology is of great benefit for multithreaded applications, which are quite common in the server and workstation space.

Storage space is another big concern with cutting-edge applications, and here, too, the Stonehaven A381T promises much. It can provide up to 4 Tbytes of storage space when loaded with eight 500-Gbyte SATA-II hard drives. Hitachi’s Deskstar 7K500 is currently the only 500-Gbyte disk drive available featuring the new 3-Gbps SATA-II interface; these should be used when the 4-Tbyte array needs to be as fast as possible. If SCSI drives are required, the Stonehaven A381T can be fitted with more than 2 Tbytes of SCSI storage.

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