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4-Gig Boomerangs on Brocade

11:15 AM -- When Brocade was gobbling up Fibre Channel switch market share late last year and early this year, people in the industry wondered how much that was due to its being first out with 4-Gbit/s gear.

Apparently, first-mover advantage had a lot to do with it. According to the latest market research from Dell'Oro Group, Cisco and even McData picked up director share last quarter after rolling out 4-Gbit/s devices.

Cisco especially jumped in its first full quarter of shipping the 4-Gbit/s MDS9513. (See Cisco Goes 4-Gig & Big.) Cisco widened its overall director lead, jumping in revenue from $68.5 million to $81.4 million in the third quarter and increasing revenue market share from 33.6 percent to 37 percent.

McData's director revenue also ticked up from $67.1 million to $69.3 million despite its lame-duck status, as Brocade prepares to close the $713 million acquisition it announced in June. (See Brocade Bags McData For $713M.)

Meanwhile, Brocade barely increased its director revenue from $68 million to $68.7 million, and its market share slipped from 33.3 percent to 31.2 percent.

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