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3PAR Pushes Power Savings

With users desperate to shave money off their spiraling energy costs, virtualization specialist 3PAR has joined forces with utility Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to launch a storage rebate program.

The Virtual Technology Incentive Program (V-TIP) offers financial incentives to PG&E customers that buy storage gear from 3PAR, which touts thin provisioning as a way for firms to use fewer disks.

"This is available to any 3PAR customer within the PG&E footprint," says Geoff Hough, 3PARs senior director of strategy, explaining that PG&E has developed a formula for calculating the vendor’s potential power savings. "Customers are eligible for up to 50 percent of the calculated energy savings."

The exec adds that with data centers doubling their energy consumption every five to six years, vendors are now looking for new ways to tackle this growth, particularly in power-hungry California, which is no stranger to energy crises.

"Energy costs are rising and storage [use] is on the rise," he says. "Virtualization is the foot-soldier in the fight against data center energy waste."

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