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3ality Uses Isilon IQ

SEATTLE -- Isilon Systems (Nasdaq: ISLN), the leader in clustered storage, today announced that 3ality Digital Systems, a pioneer in digital 3D entertainment, is using Isilon IQ clustered storage to power the creation and post-production of live-action 3D programming. Using Isilon IQ clustered storage, 3ality is able to unify, manage and access vast libraries of complex and extremely high resolution 3D programming from a single, highly scalable, shared pool of storage - accelerating and simplifying its entire digital workflow from shooting and producing, to staging programming for satellite broadcast. In the near future, 3ality, in conjunction with U2, will release "U23D," a live-action 3D film, featuring performances from U2's Vertigo Tour. The movie is the first film ever entirely shot, edited and shown in digital 3D, with production that featured the most 3D cameras ever used for a single project.

"True, all-digital 3D content is rapidly shifting from cinema's future into today's reality, and 3ality is driving this paradigm shift by dedicating our entire workflow to creating live-action, digital 3D content from initial shoot to final, satellite broadcast," said Howard Postley, CTO of 3ality Digital Systems. "Our unique production processes amplify the difficulties of storing digital content many times over, as live-action 3D imagery is much more complex and at higher resolutions than even the most advanced digital video. Therefore, we require storage with unparalleled scale, performance and ease of use and Isilon IQ delivers on all points, helping to refine our production and take our digital 3D entertainment mainstream."

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