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2005 Top Ten: Executive Payouts

If your boss handed you the financial equivalent of a lump of coal in this year's bonus stocking, you may want to stop reading right now. In 2005, SEC filings showed that a few executives of pure-play storage companies made out like -- well, bandits -- when it came to remuneration.

While the list below shows there's money to be made in the robust storage market, it also demonstrates that there's not always a link between a company's performance and what it pays the top brass.

NOTE: Most exec payouts reflect what was earned in 2004. The wages of the top 10 for 2005 may actually be higher.

No. 10: James Lambert, Dot Hill Systems

When we compiled this list last year, Lambert was one of the storage industrys biggest bonus winners, but not any more. Against a backdrop of restated financials and accounting hassles, the exec’s bonus was cut from a massive $1,270,074 in 2003 to a paltry $131,022 in 2004. (See Dot Hill Dots Its I's and Dot Hill Restates 2004.) But there was some consolation for Lambert in the salary stakes; his base salary rose from $350,000 to $395,058 over the same period.

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