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2003 Top Ten Memorable Quotes

When folks talk to Byte and Switch, they dont bother with platitudes, clichés, and marketspeak. [Ed. note: Actually, they do, but we just ignore all of the above.] They provide the straight dope, though we don't always quite understand what they mean. Neither do they, sometimes.

As we get ready to raise our glasses to another year gone by and drink to the new one, let's take a final, backward glance at the highlights of our "Quote of the Week" feature over the past year. Remember, none of these were uttered at holiday parties -- they just sound like they were.

No. 10: "Absolutely flippin' incredible." – Audrey Harman, manager of Sprint Corp.'s Computing Systems Technology Lab, about Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)'s multivendor switch demo.

We're still not sure she meant "good."

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