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10 Myths of IT Security

Like most wars, the war between attackers and IT security managers is full of misinformation. Attackers fill open message boards with boasts about their latest exploits, yet the smart ones keep the most effective hacks to themselves. Enterprises issue press releases about their latest upgrades and purchases, yet many never report penetration of their most sensitive systems. And like combatants in their foxholes, security professionals are left to sort through a mix of rumor, propaganda, news, and real intelligence in order to find the true lay of the land.

Here at Dark Reading, we're overloaded with the same information and disinformation. Like you, we're trying to separate fact from fiction. To help further that cause, we recently asked the Dark Reading editorial advisory board -- some of the industry's top IT consultants, security managers, and market experts -- to help us identify 10 of the most prevalent myths in the IT security space. The following article is a result of that discussion (along with a little research from our dutiful editorial staff).

You may not agree with our decision to label some of these ideas as "mythical," and you wouldn't be alone. Heck, even our experts disagree on some of these. If you don't agree (or even if you do), please click on the link to "Discuss this story" and post a message to our message board. One of the reasons Dark Reading was founded was to dive into controversy and get people to think outside the usual trade pub circuit. So let us hear from you!

(Editors note: Please don't use email. The message boards are completely anonymous, and we want everyone to see your opinions -- even if they involve our mama.)

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