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Can Itanium Survive March Of The Xeons? | HHS Pushes Private Sector

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TOP STORY: HHS Pushes Private Sector To Fix Healthcare Problems

MORE NEWS: Intel: New Xeon Chip Won't Kill Itanium

ANALYTIC REPORT: Cybersecurity: Continuous Monitoring Action Plans

WHITEPAPER: The Time is Right to Transform the Data Center

SLIDESHOW: Firefox 4 Is Faster, Cleaner, More Secure

VIDEO: Sprint and HTC Go EVO 3D and EVO View Tablet

WEBCAST: Combining OLTP and Extreme Data Warehouse Performance

RESOURCES: InformationWeek Government IT Leadership Forum 2011

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Monday, April 11, 2011


Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend; you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left. -- Aldo Leopold



HHS Pushes Private Sector To Fix Healthcare Problems

Federal health IT official says government's job is to lay the foundation for business innovations that will reduce waste and improve public health.


Guerra On Healthcare: Clinicians Work In Flawed System

HHS Proposes Accountable Care Organization Rules


Intel: New Xeon Chip Won't Kill Itanium

Chipmaker says Xeon and Itanium are on different upgrade cycles and will continue to leapfrog each other in performance.

RIM Starts PlayBook Hype Machine

Research In Motion's PlayBook hits stores next week. Executives defended the company's strategy and said RIM has the tools to battle the iPad and Android-based tablets.

House Rejects FCC Net Neutrality Rules

President Obama has threatened to veto legislation overturning the agency's ability to regulate broadband Internet traffic.

Make Peace In The BI-Versus-Excel Battle

Managers fear Microsoft Excel undermines business intelligence, but sometimes, it's the best solution in a fast-paced business environment. Here's how to support spreadsheets without sacrificing data integrity.

Life As Google's CIO

Ben Fried explains the unique experience of running Google’s corporate IT, from constant online software upgrades to a homegrown videoconferencing system.

Adobe Accelerates Release Cycle With CS 5.5

HTML 5 tools, subscription pricing, and an interim "point release" strategy are among the vendors attempts to remain relevant in an era of rapid software iteration.

The Second Leg Of The Social Business Stool

Few people may actually hold the title "community manager," but more people need to understand the discipline.

Exclusive: IBM Takes Half Step Toward BPM Integration

It's announcing a new platform to unify separate business process management products. But the biggest integration step has yet to be taken.

CIO Profiles: Sondra Barbour Of Lockheed Martin

CIOs must look at what is truly core to their function, Barbour advises. It's time for some tough decisions.

IT And Marketing: How Digital Media's Changing The Relationship

The pressure is on to show measurable results from campaigns. That should make IT and marketing teams closer partners than they are.

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take a look at our intrusion timeline. It illustrates common but
costly errors in companies' risk management processes.

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that exposed its SecurID customers?

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Cybersecurity: Continuous Monitoring Action Plans

Federal agencies must transition from static cybersecurity defenses to automated, real-time monitoring and response. Here's how IT security teams can get started.

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Featured Report

Networking In A Virtualized World

Virtualization is rapidly evolving into a core element of next-generation data centers. This expanded role places new strains on the network. This report explores the technical issues exposed by virtualized infrastructure and looks at standards, technologies, and best practices that can make your network ready to support virtualization.

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Featured Report


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The Time is Right to Transform the Data Center

What would you like your data center to look like a few years down the road?
If you're like most IT professionals, a few thoughts are probably popping into your head: Let it be flexible and efficient, let it take up less space and less power, and, please let it be easier to manage, expand and scale and not be such a hassle when we have to roll out new applications or respond to changing business needs.
Find out how you can get there.
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Auditing Software Acts Like A Server Security Camera

Discover software that acts like a security camera on your servers. It provides bulletproof video evidence of user sessions, significantly shortening investigation time. Every action performed by remote vendors, developers, sysadmins, business users or privileged users is recorded. Video recordings include mouse click, app usage and keystrokes. Each time a security event is unclear, simply replay the video, just as if you were looking over the user's shoulder.
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Firefox 4 Is Faster, Cleaner, More Secure

The latest version of the open-source Mozilla Web browser has finally arrived and it is a welcome upgrade. Firefox 4 includes a revamped look and feel, faster performance, strong standards support, and enhanced privacy controls.   View Now


Top 15 Cloud Collaboration Apps

Healthcare IT Vendor Directory


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Sprint and HTC Go EVO 3D and EVO View Tablet

Sprint announced its 21st and 22nd 4G devices: the HTC EVO 3D, a 4.3-inch, stereoscopic display phone with dual core 1.2 GHz processors; and the HTC EVO View, a 7-inch tablet with a 1.5 GHz processor. Both offer hot spots that support 8 devices.   Watch


Samsung Announces Two Super Thin Galaxy Tablets

03.22.11 Is OTC Derivatives Reform In Jeopardy?




Combining OLTP and Extreme Data Warehouse Performance

This live webcast will discuss market trends that are driving new technological solutions for managing data warehouse growth.

It happens Thursday, April 14, 2011 -- Time: 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET

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InformationWeek Government IT Leadership Forum 2011

Attend this day-long event where senior IT leaders in government come together to discuss how they're using technology to drive change in federal departments and agencies.

We will also be hosting an awards luncheon for the InformationWeek Government 50, featuring leading CIOs in local, state, and federal government. (Registration limited to government technology execs)

It happens May 5, 2011 in Washington, DC -- Register Today!

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Survey Ends April 11

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