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Brokerage IT Meltdown | Why Business Leaves IT Out On Innovation

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  Monday, October 08, 2012
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Between The Lines ColumnistWhy Business Doesn't Look To IT For Innovation
By Eric Lundquist
Most employees outside of IT don't call their IT teams very innovative, yet most believe technology is growing in importance, our research shows. Can IT still be the hero?

Are The CIO And IT Organization Replaceable?
New Face Of IT: Line Of Business Execs

Exclusive: Anatomy Of A Brokerage IT Meltdown
Regulators last year issued the SEC's first-ever privacy fine against broker-dealer GunnAllen for failing to protect customer data. But former IT staffers say regulators didn’t seem to know half of this cautionary tale of outsourcing and oversight gone wrong.

GM To Hire 1,500 IT Pros In Michigan
IT development center in Warren is the latest location in General Motors' plan to ramp up staff and reduce its use of outsourcing.

Windows 8 Apps Get Pre-Launch Tweaks
Microsoft makes more than 50 enhancements in key areas like search, e-mail, news, and photos as it readies the new OS for public debut.

Oracle's Great Stack Attack
If Larry Ellison and his team delivered one message to customers during Oracle Open World it was this: We complete you.

Inside One Amazon Cloud Customer's Zone Defense
How does Okta ensure its service stays up and running on Amazon EC2? It takes an extreme view of Amazon's advice and replicates data in five availability zones.

What's Your Flu Risk? Big Data Knows
TwitterHealth mines Twitter posts for hints of the spread of seasonal flu, delivers real-time predictions on who will get the flu this year.

Google Privacy Audit Leaves Lingering Questions
Privacy rights groups cry foul over the FTC's audit of Google's privacy program, say key details were held back from the report.

HTC Losing Smartphone War One Quarter At A Time
Despite making some of the best smartphones available, HTC struggles to gain market share against Apple and Samsung.

"Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be." ~ Daniel J. Boorstin


Google Privacy Audit Leaves Lingering Questions
HTC Losing Smartphone War One Quarter At A Time
Windows 8 Survival Guide: Server 2012
Emerging Market Requirements for Storage
Windows 8: Why I Won't Upgrade
Strategies for Achieving Application Availability in the Cloud
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Posted By ozzy64:
"People act like java is now a doomsday product. But boasting so much default libraries in jse and running crossplatform is a feat of itself."
In reply to: "Java Still Not Safe, Security Experts Say"
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Posted By RichMNY:
"Great for tablets and smartphones, makes no sense for desktop computers."
In reply to: "Windows 8: Why I Won't Upgrade"
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  Digital Issue  
More than half of federal agencies are saving money with cloud computing, but security, compatibility, and skills present huge problems, according to our survey.

Also in the all-new digital issue of InformationWeek Government: President Obama's record on IT strategy is long on vision but short on results.

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Windows 8 Survival Guide: Server 2012
With all the hoopla surrounding Windows 8, the recent release of Server 2012 is flying way under the radar. And that's a shame, because it has a lot to offer. Here are five features that could tempt you to jump sooner rather than later-and five that shouldn't sway you.
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Featured Report
IT Pro's Guide to iPhone 5 and iOS 6
Apple's latest smartphone ushers in a new hardware package paired with an updated OS. Here's what enterprise IT teams charged with supporting employee mobility need to know about Maps, security, Passport vs. NFC, networking and more.
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Featured Report


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Emerging Market Requirements for Storage
The most desirable storage solution technologies include virtualization, data deduplication, automated tiering, multi-protocol I/O, and performance at scale. Find out how companies have gone a step further toward delivering value in an easily upgradeable software by building storage based on standard, modular, scale-out, and clustered architectures.
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Introduction to Virtualization: Webcast
This video webcast is designed to help those with little to no virtualization experience understand why virtualization and VMware are so important to driving down both capital and operational costs. Attend this video webcast to learn how virtualization from VMware can help you with the core technologies and principles of virtualization that lead to business results.
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Windows 8: Why I Won't Upgrade
Somehow I've managed to not crumble under the albatross that is a near-five-pound laptop. I'm sticking with Windows 7--and many small businesses will, too.

Windows 8 Apps Get Pre-Launch Tweaks
Microsoft makes more than 50 enhancements in key areas like search, e-mail, news, and photos as it readies the new OS for public debut.

Windows 8 Vs. Windows RT: 8 Key Differences
With the introduction of Windows 8 and Windows RT, Microsoft splits its flagship OS into two distinct flavors. Examine the most important contrasts.

Beyond YouTube: Turning Video Viewers Into Customers
Two SMBs dissatisfied with a lack of tangible return from their online video audiences went looking for an alternative to YouTube. Here's what they found.

Apple iOS 6: 10 Most Interesting Features
Apple's iOS 6 has some great tweaks and a few misses. Take our visual tour of the must-know changes.


Apple After Steve Jobs: 10 Hits And Misses
Oct. 5 marks the one-year anniversary of Steve Jobs' death. During that time, Apple has had some amazing successes and some spectacular failures.   View Now

6 Ways iPhone 5, iOS 6 Amp Up Social Opportunities
14 Amazing DARPA Technologies On Tap


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5 Elevator Pitches, NetSuite CEO Hit Valley View
Five companies gave 3 minute elevator pitches, and each of them nailed it. We covered mobile security, enterprise security, cloud, data center and enterprise content deliver super fast, and we heard from NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson and a big time CTO.   Watch

VMworld, Virtualization, and Violence
The Most Interesting IT Guy In The World: Global Warming, Windows Vista, Vint Cerf



Strategies for Achieving Application Availability in the Cloud
Join us as Donna Scott, Gartner VP Distinguished Analyst, presents best practices in achieving multi-site application availability, while offering guidance on data center and hosting strategies in the age of cloud computing. It happens Tuesday, October 9, 2012. More Information & Registration

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