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"Of course you know, this means war..." ~ Bugs Bunny

SPAMMERS have made their work an artform -- getting people to open their mails with subject lines like "Please call me!" or "Regarding last night" or "Hey, it's me." Just when users catch on, however, the devious SPAM senders have moved to the next level. Since folks are ignoring the deluge of SPAM emails they get every day, SPAMMERS have taken to posting in Blogs, leaving messages like "Great Post" or "Thanks for the Information." Of course, when you open the comment, you find the all too familiar signs of SPAM, such as "Click now for enlarging (insert body part here)." Unfortunately, we've experienced several of these posts ourselves right here on the Daily Blog.

And the SPAM isn't just limited to Blogs, either. If you've got a cell phone with Text Messaging features, you could be getting a SPAM text message in the near future as well.