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Best of Interop 2013 Winners

  • Product: 7500E Data Center Switch Vendor: Arista Networks

    The appeal of the Arista 7500E to our judges was pretty simple: it’s a super-fast, big-ass switch built for networks brimming with virtual machines. It supports a mix of 10, 40 and 100GbE ports, boats a 30Tbps backplane, supports per-port VXLAN termination, and offers compelling per-port pricing.

  • Product: Mobile Solutions Bundle Vendor: Citrix

    Managing devices in a BYOD world can be a pain in the butt. Our judges chose Citrix’s Mobile Solutions Bundle because of its emphasis on ease of use for both the admin and the user, as well as its feature set, including secure browsing and email, app provisioning, virtual desktop functionality and more.

  • Product: ExtraHop for Amazon Web Services Vendor: ExtraHop Networks

    Our judges chose ExtraHop for AWS because it provides detailed visibility into how your workloads are running in Amazon’s public cloud in real time, including DNS, database access, middleware, networking and storage.

  • Product: HackRack Vendor: The Hacker Academy

    Security products play a significant role in risk management, but so do well-trained security professionals. The HackRack is a virtual environment that lets security pros train against simulated attacks that can be based on specific threat scenarios. It’s like a flight simulator for your security team.

  • Product: EM7 v7.3 Vendor: ScienceLogic

    One of our judges said EM7 is like Batman’s utility belt for network administrators. It monitors both premises and cloud-based systems, including AWS. It can provide a 100,000 foot view of network resources all the way down to the hypervisor and VM level for virtualized workloads.

  • Product: ZD-XL SQL Accelerator Vendor: OCZ Technology

    The ZD-XL SQL Accelerator aims to boost performance of Microsoft SQL Server. It’s a PCIe card that bundles a SQL-optimized decision engine, fast flash memory, and implementation software that lets database admins tweak caching variables. The company claims it can provide a 3x to 20x performance boost.

  • Product: Adaptive Private Network (APN) 3.0 Vendor: Talari Networks

    Talari’s Adaptive Private Network won this category because APN offers a dynamic, simple, and robust private network over existing WAN technologies and requires minimal configuration and management.

  • Product: VDO360 Vendor: VDO360

    VDO360 offers a highly-functional USB camera and UC conferencing cart combination at a fraction of the cost of many current conferencing systems. VDO360 argues that that the codecs and control plane are already out there and stable, so why not combine that with simplified hardware at a substantially reduced price? It’s hard not to agree.