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Benioff Introduces; Google Chrome OS Slideshow

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TOP STORY: Benioff Announces, Issues Oracle Rejoinder

MORE NEWS: Slideshow: Google Chrome OS Promises Computing Without Pain

ANALYTIC REPORT: Historic Copyright Trial: Oracle vs. SAP

WHITEPAPER: 10 Best Practices of Agile Tool Users

SLIDESHOW: Clicking Through Opera 11 Browser Beta

VIDEO: Apps On The Street: Bloomberg Takes Traders On The Road

BLOG: California Does Health Care Data Breaches Right

WEBCAST: Unleash the Power of the Cloud with WAN Optimization

RESOURCES: Be A Part Of Our 2011 U.S. IT Salary Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Thursday, December 9, 2010


"Most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven't paid the price to decide what is really important to them." --Stephen Covey



Benioff Announces, Issues Oracle Rejoinder's CEO dismissed the "old status quo players" who spread fear and doubt about the cloud at the Dreamforce user group event in San Francisco.

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Microsoft Rebates Oracle, Salesforce Customers To Switch CRM


Slideshow: Google Chrome OS Promises Computing Without Pain

Chrome OS aims to be speedy, simple and secure: all the things that the typical PC is not. It achieves these goals by limiting the user to Web apps, running in the Chrome browser. But Google doesn't see this as a limitation; it sees it as a way to prevent the user from mucking up the works by installing bloated or malicious software. Google sees the Web and cloud computing as a better user experience.

Schwartz On Security: WikiLeaks Highlights Cost Of Security

The lack of advanced safeguards on the State Department cables represents an astute non-investment, given their stale content.

Global CIO: Top 10 Tech Stories Of The Year: The Complete List

The cloud, mobile, IBM, Oracle-Sun, SAP, the death of the tactical CIO, HP's CEO shuffle, Apple's rise in the enterprise, and optimized systems were all among 2010's top tech stories. Here's the full list with links to more than 150 analytical and opinionated columns.

Microsoft To Add Tracking Protection To IE9

Advertisers complain the Internet Explorer browser tool will hinder their ability to support free news, entertainment and other online content.

Windows 7 Slates Won't Be Home For Christmas

Microsoft’s failure to get consumer-friendly tablets in stores for the holiday season could result in a frosty year-end quarter for the software maker.

What's Next And What's Missing From SAP

Influencer Summit offers window on what's coming in mobility, analytics and in-memory functionality. But is the social networking strategy missing in action?

Google Chrome OS Hardware Vanishes In The Cloud

The computer upgrade cycle could slow significantly as Chrome OS netbooks proliferate, at least in the lower end of the market.

USDA Taps Microsoft Cloud For 120,000 Workers

As part of its IT modernization strategy, the federal agency has turned to Microsoft and Dell to provide e-mail and other online applications across its operations.

Android Users Gorge On Mobile Data

Data from a new study indicates that users of Google's Android mobile operating system consume more mobile data than users of Apple's iPhone.

SpaceX Launches First Commercial Orbiter

Contractor could play key role in NASA's plan to turn launches over to the private sector.

Lithium Ion Batteries May Drop Electric Car Prices

Toyota and other automakers are testing lower cost Tesla rechargeable batteries in hopes they'll make the vehicles more affordable.

Snooping Represents A Growing Data Breach Threat

Few organizations are addressing the risk caused by outsiders looking at company information on mobile workers' screens, finds a study by 3M.

HHS Announces Grants For Innovative Health Information Exchanges

Department of Health and Human Services commits $16 million for states that will use HIEs to improve patient outcomes, boost consumer knowledge, and accelerate public health efforts.

Google Resurrecting Offline Access To Docs

Google promised that offline access to Docs will return in 2011. It also added useful new features to Gmail that are available today.

AMD Boosts Speed Of Phenom II Processors

The flagship six-core X6 1100T gets a bump to 3.3 GHz, while the dual-core X2 565 jumps to 3.4 GHz.

Rustock Most Prolific Botnet

Phishing attacks are down from 2009, but spam, viruses, and malicious web sites are on the rise, reports Symantec.

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Historic Copyright Trial: Oracle vs. SAP

Oracle wins its landmark copyright infringement case against SAP in a landslide, as the jury awards an unprecedented figure. The case is likely to be appealed, and its outcome will linger for years. Fritz Nelson, InformationWeek editorial director, delivers a series of comprehensive reports directly from this historic trial.

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Featured Report

Web 2.0 Summit

A roundup of our coverage from this year's gathering of the leaders of the Internet Economy, with reporting on sessions featuring Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski, RIM CEO Jim Balsillie and more.

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Featured Report


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10 Best Practices of Agile Tool Users

10 Best Practices of Agile Tool Users
Will your current development tools support Agile? Can you handle agile project management and continuous integration? Learn ten tried-and-true practices that will get you started on your way towards optimal use of an Agile tool stack.
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4 Data Center Trends of the Future

Does efficiency have to come at the expense of availability? Not according to this paper, which outlines the four data center infrastructure trends that are reducing design, operating and management costs while improving data center performance.
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Clicking Through Opera 11 Browser Beta
The Opera web browser, from Opera Software, has long been one of the most innovative browsers available, and has been the first to introduce many features that became common in all browsers, such as tabbed windows. With the recent released beta of Opera 11, the browser continues this tradition with several interesting new capabilities, including the ability to load plugins on demand within web pages. The Opera 11 beta also includes some features already found in other browsers, such as competing betas Microsoft IE 9 and Firefox 4, and has adopted some of the interface characteristics of Google's Chrome web browser.   View Now


5 Airport Body Scanner Patents Stripped Down

Top 20 Apps For Managing Social Media


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Apps On The Street: Bloomberg Takes Traders On The Road

The mobile space is changing fast. Traders and portfolio managers now want rich user interfaces and all day access to their accounts, including critical functions. Bloomberg's John Waanders discusses this with WST senior editor Melanie Rodier.   Watch


Part 5: Suddenly All Computing is Parallel

12.01.10 How Insurance Companies Can Benefit from Agile Development




Featured Blogger

California Does Health Care Data Breaches Right
By George Hulme

Since this spring, the California Department of Public Health has fined 12 health facilities about $1.5 million as a result of data breaches. Let's hope they keep fining organizations that fail to properly protect patient data.


Smartphones Killing Portable Gaming Systems

By Ed Hansberry

The combination of high end hardware and more powerful operating systems in smartphones today is giving gamers a great platform to write games for. This is bad news if you make portable gaming systems like the Sony Playstation Portable or the Nintendo DS.

Social Media For Small Biz: A Girl Thang?

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, right? On Venus, there's allegedly a lot more touchy-feely, emotional stuff going on'you know, talking, crying, connecting. Well, according to a study by The Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute, there's a lot more of something else going on too: social networking.

Siemens Enterprise Communications Adds Conferencing Technology

By Paul Korzeniowski

The latest step in the Unified Communications (UC) market is to empower users, so they can hold Web and video conferences. Siemens Enterprise Communications added that component to its product line by acquiring FastViewer GmbH & Co., a Neumarkt, Germany collaboration software supplier.

What Is A Cloud Data Center Anyway?

By George Crump

The IT industry is using the term cloud pretty liberally these days. I'm sure you have seen the latest Microsoft 'To The Cloud' commercials. I am not sure they are really helping people get this whole cloud thing. To that add the various cloud storage services as well as the cloud compute services and there is a lot of confusion when you let a CIO know that they can have a cloud right in their own data center.


Unleash the Power of the Cloud with WAN Optimization

Join InformationWeek and Riverbed Technology for a live interactive Webcast event where we'll delve into the realities, risks and rewards of cloud-based solutions, and learn how your physical infrastructure and ability to optimize your wide-area networks will ultimately determine your success in leveraging advanced technical and cost-saving capabilities awaiting you in the cloud.

It happens Wednesday, December 15, 2010 -- 9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

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Be A Part Of Our 2011 U.S. IT Salary Survey

For the 14th consecutive year, InformationWeek Analytics is conducting its U.S. IT Salary Survey. To date, over 180,000 IT professionals have participated.

Upon completion, you will be eligible to win a first prize of a Sony Bravia 60-inch HDTV, second prize of a 64-GB Apple iPad with Wi-Fi and 3G, or third prize of a Sony home theater system. You will also be sent a link to download the 2011 U.S. IT Salary Report once it has been published.

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