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Adam Casella

Adam Casella

Adam Casella co-founded SnapRoute in August, 2015, where he is responsible for setting technical direction and ensuring the operator’s perspective is always seen. Adam’s background of supporting networking products as a vendor, paired with his operational experience running large-scale data center networks gives him a unique perspective on how to build reliable, resilient, and easy-to-use products. Adam is an authority on both disaggregated and traditional networking technologies and especially their use in hyperscale spine/leaf CLOS designs and topologies.

Prior to founding SnapRoute, Adam was responsible for designing and building hyperscale data center networks at Apple. This included the full spectrum of operations from product evaluation, proof-of-concept labs, overall topology design, configuration schemes, device deployment, and maintenance.

Before Apple, Adam was a lead engineer in Cisco’s TAC on the LAN and Data Center Switching teams – giving him deep insight on silicon pipelines, hardware and software architecture, and a strong background in debugging and troubleshooting complex, multi-faceted technical issues.

Adam has a BS in Network and Systems Administration from RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology).