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Authentium Seeks Certification

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Authentium, the leading developer of security software-as-a-service technologies, announced today that it is working closely with Microsoft to try and find a way to certify its PatchGuard interface for Vista. The company said that contrary to some press reports, Authentium TSX leaves PatchGuard in place and works with PatchGuard to improve overall system-level security in a manner that is complementary to, and supportive of, the PatchGuard technology.

"The core reason why security software companies like us exist is to come up with innovative ways of protecting users," said John Sharp, Authentium's chairman and chief executive officer. "What we've done is come up with an innovative way to provide enhanced security for Windows x64 and Windows Vista x64 and enable better protection for users of these operating systems."

"What we would like to see is Microsoft certification of our approach, so we can license this technology to online banks and other financial institutions for the purposes for which it was designed - to protect banking customers, and secure online transactions."

Authentium Inc.