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Arxceo Launches Security Freeware

SAN FRANCISCO -- ArxceoR Corporation, a provider of anti-reconnaissance and anomaly-based attack prevention technology, today announced the availability of Arxceo Ally ReconAlert, a free software package for Windows that enables network administrators to continuously monitor Syslog output from their Ally
ip100(TM) security appliance. The Ally ip100 is designed to protect small-to-medium-sized business networks, as well as an Enterprise's wireless access points and branch or remote offices from network reconnaissance, zero-day attacks, DNS cache poisoning and denial of service attacks.
Arxceo's ReconAlert provides centralized real-time popup alerts as soon as events occur.

"We believe that the Arxceo Ally ReconAlert is a great tool for the network administrator who wants a live view of the security events occurring on the network," said Don Davidson, CEO, Arxceo. "The freeware will enable the user to be more efficient and make better use of their time since they can see what is happening to the network through a small pop-screen on their PC, as well as take advantage of significant viewing enhancements to determine how they want to see the information coming in."

Arxceo Corp.