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Are AntiVirus Makers Scamming Us?

You've probably heard the "conspiracy theory" that the gas- and oil-free car was invented some time ago, but the gasoline moguls have kept it buried because, well, they'd be out of business if it ever came to light. The same thing has been said about the Pharmaceutical industry -- if diseases were cured, the medicine makers would be out of work. Hence we still have everything from cancer to the common cold.

Now, a similar accusation is being made -- at the makers of antivirus software. Security experts claim that the vendors are doing very little to stop the recent deluge of viruses, worms and what not. Worse, the suggestion has been made that these software companies, while raking in tons of cash from record antivirus software sales, aren't working nearly hard enough to improve their software and stop the deluge.

It's a sad statement, really. If there's no money to be made in solving a problem, then don't solve it.