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ArcSight Offers 'Early Warning'

LONDON -- ArcSight, Inc., a global leader in Enterprise Security Management (ESM) software, today announced the availability of a new solution to help commercial and government organizations address the growing concern posed by internal security threats. The ArcSight Insider Threat Package transforms ArcSight ESM into an 'early warning' system to help organizations monitor, detect and respond to suspicious and malicious activity from authorized individuals
that typically precedes insider security breaches.

Insider Security Threats Top Information Security Concerns According to TheInfoPro's research based on one-on-one interviews with information security decision-makers at Fortune 1000 enterprises, the threat posed by negligent or malicious insiders is the leading information security concern for large organizations, topping external threats such as viruses, worms and hackers. Organizations are at risk from disgruntled or financially motivated insiders who have both the access or escalated access privileges and technical knowledge to compromise confidential information or adversely impact the availability and performance of IT systems. However, even well-intentioned individuals who handle confidential data make mistakes or may not take their responsibility for corporate security seriously.

"Our latest study, released today, identifies a major gap in how IT security departments and upper management view insider threats. Eighty nine percent of IT security departments view insider threats as a serious issue as compared to 49% of their organizations' upper management," said Dr.
Ponemon, chairman and founder of privacy and information management research firm the Ponemon Institute, and author of The Survey of Managing Insider Threats. "Organizations are held liable by data security regulations, yet IT security systems and processes are not designed to safeguard against the threat posed by insiders with access to information, including current and former employees, contractors, consultants, and other third parties such as merchants, partners and suppliers."

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