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ArcSight NCM Supports IPV6

LONDON -- Today, ArcSight, Inc. announced that the latest release of ArcSight Network Configuration Manager (NCM) now supports IPV6. ArcSight NCM is one of the first network change and configuration management products to support IPV6, the next generation Internet architecture designed to provide substantially more individual network addresses and enhanced security. ArcSight's family of network management products uniquely combine low total cost of ownership, ease of use and security delivered as a pre-packaged appliance.

The United States government (OMB) has issued a requirement that federal network backbones must process both IPV4 (the current standard) and IPV6 by June 30, 2008. With ArcSight NCM's support of both IPV4 and IPV6, government and enterprise customers will have the ability to manage the configuration of mixed networks successfully by automating the common network operations processes that are currently being performed manually
by their highly skilled engineers.

"Boston Medical has relied on ArcSight NCM for years to improve network reliability and security, while streamlining processes with change management policies," said Arsen Khousnoutdinov, Manager, Network & Security Infrastructure at Boston Medical Center. "ArcSight's early move to support IPV6 is yet another example of how they keep us out in front on key industry trends."

"The adoption of IPV6 is still down the road for many verticals, however federal mandates will drive early adoption in the government sector,"
said Tracy Corbo, Senior Analyst, Network Management and Services, IDC.
"Companies working in this segment will require technologies that can bridge IPV4 and IPV6. ArcSight is taking the initiative to meet the needs of the early adopters."

ArcSight NCM is an enterprise class network configuration change and configuration management appliance that effectively helps network operation teams rapidly respond to the frequently changing needs of the business, improve network reliability and security, and lower operational costs by automating the processes by which they manage their networks in compliance with the enterprise's pre-determined change management policies. ArcSight NCM provides the following features and

  • Visibility, by discovering all network devices and constructing
    a complete network topology
  • Network topology visibility displayed in 2D and 3D formats
  • Network configuration history for every managed network device,
    with rollback capabilities
  • Control the structure (who, what, when, where, how) and process
    of network configuration and change
  • Control distribution of tasks through form-based interfaces and
    locked templates
  • Centrally store, compare, and search across historical device
  • Detect configuration changes in real-time, track changes
    dynamically, and compare against policy
  • Facilitate compliance initiatives for external (e.g., SOX, PCI,
    FISMA) or internal (Standard Operating Procedures) regulations
  • Efficiency, by leveraging under-utilised staff and automating
    process tasks
  • Allow lower-level staff to make changes in a protected and
    controlled manner
  • Automate simple or repetitive tasks to reduce work, eliminate
    error, get more work done
  • Automate off-hour configuration changes through scheduled
  • Manage workflow and approvals using authorisation queues
  • Eliminate manual documentation efforts with self-documenting
    capabilities to capture, track, and report on configuration changes
  • Single appliance-based product for managing network
    configuration and change control in a vendor independent manner, across all network devices

"With ArcSight NCM, networking teams will be ready for the emerging move to IPV6 infrastructure, while streamlining their operations and satisfying compliance mandates," said Larry Lunetta, Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, ArcSight. "Combined with ArcSight ESM, our network and threat management products "close the loop" on both ad hoc changes made in response to threats as well as the daily updates required to deliver the bandwidth and connectivity for critical business processes."

ArcSight will be at INTEROP Las Vegas this week, located at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. For a demo of ArcSight's solutions, please visit their booth, #1915.

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