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ARCNet baby!

Typically, we strive for the absurd in crafting our Top 11 List question and select our published answers. So I was a bit surprised at the following letter from reader Dan 0'Barr.

I just had to laugh at your "Top 11 Signs times are tough in your IT department." Specifically, item # 4, because, uhmm, that's the reality where I work (Nevada Dept. of Corrections). We just got rid of the last ARCnet segment a couple of months ago. What keeps me going? The fact that we are getting some new things, so I get to work on W2K and Linux.

#4 is "IPX and DOS still rule 80 percent of your network"

Forget IPX and DOS, Dan. Have you thought about auctioning off your ARCnet gear? There needs to be more than one PureData PCD620A ARCNET 20 port hub listed on eBay!