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Archer Launches Training

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Archer Technologies (Archer), a leader in enterprise risk and compliance management solutions, today announced the availability of its on-demand Web-Based Training program to enable companies to cost-effectively train employees and maximize their investment in Archer products. Empowering customers and partners to easily access training at a time and location convenient for them, the program allows organizations to educate entire teams of risk and compliance professionals within the constraints of restricted budgets and limited resources. Through five new courses, Archer Web-Based Training provides comprehensive instruction on specific components of the Archer SmartSuite Framework, such as Access Control, Alert Notifications, and Searching and Reporting.

“The flexibility of Archer Web-Based Training provides great value to our organization because we can access the training around the clock and share it among multiple employees,” said Steve Suther, Senior Information Risk Strategist from Getronics. “The flexibility of the training, coupled with the knowledge we gain about the Archer SmartSuite Framework, really enables us to maximize the value of our Archer implementation. You don’t always see this with other web-based training programs.”

Archer Web-Based Training is available via WebEx in any location with an Internet connection, eliminating travel expenses and minimizing work schedule interruption. Customers and partners can purchase courses and share them with an unlimited number of employees for a 30-day period, providing an economical tool for company-wide training.

Archer Web-Based Training is ideal for new administrators and end users of any Archer solution. It also addresses the needs of seasoned users who need to refresh their knowledge of the Archer tool by providing on-demand access to training for specific features.

Whether participants are visual, auditory or tactile learners, they will find instructional methods to meet their needs in Archer Web-Based Training. The courses offer presentations, simulations and hands-on activities for learners of all types. This flexible training also allows participants to learn at their own pace, pausing, rewinding and fast-forwarding as necessary to increase information retention.

“We are committed to providing effective tools for our customers to help them manage evolving risk and compliance challenges, so we have answered their requests for convenient, on-demand training that empowers their workforce to realize the full potential of Archer’s solutions,” said Sarah Kahler, Director of Training and Education Services for Archer. “The delivery and effectiveness of training is no longer dependent on a skilled instructor; rather, it is dependent on the quality of the information and the participant’s ability to access it. Archer Web-Based Training enables the customer to take control of his or her learning.”

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