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Apple's Tablet: Enterprise Tool?

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TOP STORY: Full Nelson: Apple's Tablet Is Naturally Corporate

MORE NEWS: Global CIO: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's Top 10 Reasons For Buying Sun

ANALYTIC REPORT: 5 Steps to Data-Centric CyberSecurity

WHITEPAPER: Business Continuity Planning IT Survival Guide

BLOG: Warning Signs Preceded Cyber Attack On Google

WEBCAST: Optimize Your Data Center Operations and Harvest Savings

RESOURCES: Don't Miss Fritz Nelson's Live Blog From Apple's Announcement

InformationWeek Daily

 Wednesday, January 27, 2010 




Telepresence is turning video communications into a near in-person
experience. This report identifies best practices for selecting
and implementing telepresence systems and examines bandwidth,
interoperability and more.

We also include an ROI model that lets you test several video
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Full Nelson: Apple's Tablet Is Naturally Corporate

With a Kindle-thin device that can play music, serve books, navigate the Web, and run enterprise-class apps, you're ready to go... with caveats.


Apple Tablet: Microsoft Plans Counter Strike

Verizon Network 'Prepared' For Apple Devices

Apple Profits Up 50%


Global CIO: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's Top 10 Reasons For Buying Sun

New customer value, Sun's great technology, an IBM fixation, resetting the IT landscape, something deeply personal, and more.

PC Processor Shipments Surge 31%

The worldwide microprocessor market left the recession behind, buoyed by growth in mainstream and performance processors for laptops and desktops and X86 server chips.

Truckers Hit With Nationwide Texting Ban

Feds say drivers of big rigs and buses could face criminal and civil penalties if caught using their mobile devices on the road.

Voltaire Intros 40 Gigabit Switch

The Grid Director 4036E can deliver 2.72 terabits per second and is aimed at trading businesses and high-performance storage environments.

Mars Rover Not Dead, Just Stunned

The robot is wedged in the Martian sand, but NASA insists it will continue to function if it can survive the oncoming winter.

EMC Reports 58% Jump In Income

The storage company beat its own forecast by $100 million and is betting on cloud computing to further its turnaround.

"Respect a man, he will do the more."
-- James Howell 

Google Voice Storms Apple's iPhone

Apple rejected Google's native Google Voice app for the iPhone. So Google has bypassed Apple using the Web.

National Database Tracks Truck Thefts

CargoNet provides data from multiple sources on when, where, and how trucks are stolen.



5 Steps to Data-Centric CyberSecurity

A shift in thinking toward data-centric protection via technologies like encryption, data loss prevention and strong access controls can protect your agencies sensitive data. Read the InformationWeek Government Report today to learn more!

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Featured Report

Using Service Providers To Boost Protection

While the SaaS market is, in many ways, still in its infancy, hosted e-mail security firms are leading the way thanks to ease of implementation and many obvious benefits. Still, these services aren't without risks. In this report, we'll discuss how to determine what mix of in-house and hosted mail makes sense for your organization.

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Featured Report


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Business Continuity Planning IT Survival Guide

Use this guide to develop an effective business continuity plan designed to minimize the impact of disasters and reduce risk.
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Provide IT Support From Your iPhone

See how the LogMeIn Ignition app for iPhone provides top-notch IT support by accessing computers even when you're away from them.
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Featured BloggerWarning Signs Preceded Cyber Attack On Google

Posted by John Foley

The news of a cyber attack from within China on Google and other companies has prompted a range of reactions, including Google's decision to reassess its operations there and a rebuke from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But no one should be surprised by what happened. Two months earlier, a U.S. government report warned that the private sector was susceptible to this very risk.


EMR Vendor Busy Hiring, Not Worrying

Posted By Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Last year eClinicalWorks began offering its e-health record system bundled with Dell computers to small doctor offices via Sam's Clubs. Wal-Mart recently said it was closing 10 Sam's Clubs in the U.S. as the company's discount warehouse outlets struggle in some markets. (Wal-Mart is also cutting 10,000 jobs at Sam's Clubs, mostly related to product demos. Think free frozen pizza samples.) But eClinicalWorks isn't troubled by Sam's Club's problems.

Google Blames T-Mobile For Nexus One 3G Problem

Posted By Eric Zeman

Google has at long last responded to the large number of user complaints about the Nexus One's ability to connect to T-Mobile's 3G network. Google laid some of the blame at the feet of its partner, basically telling customers that T-Mobile's 3G coverage kind of stinks.

McDonald's Extends Huge IT Services Deal With ACS

Posted By Bob Evans

McDonalds's Corp., which has been one of the few global corporations that have managed to grow during the global downturn of the past 18 months, must be very pleased with the role IT outsourcer ACS is playing as the massive restaurant chain has signed a five-year extension for ACS to continue supplying IT services ranging from desktops to data centers.

Google Circumvents Apple, Offers Google Voice iPhone App

Posted By Eric Zeman

Remember the big mess between Apple, AT&T and Google over the Google Voice iPhone app last summer? Yeah, well, Google is back with a new version of the application that Apple won't have the chance or opportunity to approve (or disapprove) because it's used from the iPhone's browser.


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Don't Miss Fritz Nelson's Live Blog From Apple's Announcement

Is Apple about to follow Amazon and Microsoft into the tablet market? Fritz Nelson will be live blogging at Apple's big announcement Wednesday, starting at 11:30 AM ET. Get all the details, including pictures from the event, as they unfold.

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