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Apple Web App Slowdown Prompts Conspiracy Theories

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TOP STORY: Apple Web App Slowdown Prompts Conspiracy Theories

MORE NEWS: Adobe Warns Of Active Flash Attack

ANALYTIC REPORT: Next Stop, VDI: Going All In On Virtualization a Smart Bet

WHITEPAPER: How To Drive Leads: B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report Released

SLIDESHOW: Apotheker Takes The Stage, Paints An HP Cloud Vision

VIDEO: EC11_VIDCAST_Polycom_01

BLOG: Storage Performance Challenges In Virtualized Environments

WEBCAST: iPrism Web Security Product Demo

RESOURCES: Will You Be Part of The 2011 InformationWeek 500?

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  
Wednesday, March 16, 2011

He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows or all he sees. -- Benjamin Franklin




Apple Web App Slowdown Prompts Conspiracy Theories

Some developers fear Apple is deliberately crippling Web apps, but others attribute the issue to technical and security problems.


iSpeech Drives Application to iPhone

Apple Ends In-App Purchase Grace Period

Apple's App Rules Prompt Charges Of 'Greed'


Adobe Warns Of Active Flash Attack

The critical, zero-day vulnerability affects most recent versions of Flash, Reader, and Acrobat, although apparently not Reader X on Windows.

HP Goes All In On The Cloud

CEO Leo Apotheker details the company's plans to offer data synching, security, and other services that work from the end user device to the data center.

Global CIO: My Farewell Column: 10 Big Things For CIOs To Think About

Your humble columnist says goodbye and thanks, and poses 10 big questions today's CIOs need to answer.

AMD Chips Boost Online Graphics In IE9

GPUs and APUs feature built-in compatibility with new Microsoft browser's support for client-side hardware acceleration.

Twitter Finalizes FTC Security Settlement

The microblogging company agrees to a biannual external audit of its security posture for the next 10 years.

Is There Enough Software To Knit HP's Strategy Together?

The short answer is no, but with a few deeper partnerships and key acquisitions, it could become much more than the sum of its parts.

DHS Seeks Cybersecurity Help from Engineers, Scientists

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said the agency wants to collaborate with experts in various fields to help it tackle security and managing the flow of information.

LinkedIn Cites China Censorship As IPO Risk

The business social networking site said the company's value could be hurt by a ban in China. It also reported revenue of $243 million in 2010.

OnCallData Adds Mobile Devices To E-Prescribing Portal

Healthcare providers can use iPads, iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Android devices to submit prescription orders to pharmacies, check for potential medication interactions, and verify patient eligibility.

Apple Postpones Japan iPad Launch

The scheduled launch of the iPad 2 in Japan has been put on hold because of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. In the U.S., the Apple iPad 2 continues to be difficult to obtain and online shipping times now extend to five weeks.

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SMBs need more than e-mail to succeed, and cloud computing provides
more choices than ever. But that doesn't mean it will be easy.

ALSO: There aren't many applications where IT must be both the
application implementer and champion for use. For better or worse,
unified communications is one of those apps.

Plus much more, exclusively in our Digital Issue

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Next Stop, VDI: Going All In On Virtualization a Smart Bet

In this report we discuss how IT can manage users, security and availability; calculate TCO; and decide on an outsourced vs. in-house implementation.

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Featured Report

Your Own Private Cloud: How to Lay the Groundwork

A fully automated and synchronized IT operation to enable a self-service user environment is the private cloud's promise. Learn how the right data center network infrastructure makes it possible.

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Featured Report



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How To Drive Leads: B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report Released

This report lays out how white papers and other marketing content is consumed and perceived among technology buyers in the B2B sector. You'll also learn:
- What content and collateral needs to be influential in 2011
- How tech buyers have been taking to video, social media, and other "new media"
- How to build a content portfolio that drives quality leads

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Migrating to Windows 7 with Dell SaaS Solutions

Moving your organization to Windows 7 requires careful planning to avoid time-consuming and costly mishaps. Don't miss this report on how to prepare for a Win 7 migration and how Dell SaaS offerings can automate and accelerate the process at a low cost and with high security.
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Apotheker Takes The Stage, Paints An HP Cloud Vision

Hewlett-Packard crafted a media and analyst summit where it envisioned the company at the center of cloud, connectivity and software, providing the enabling technology and services on top.   View Now

iPad 2 A5 Chip Teardown Reveals Samsung Fab, Advanced Power Management

10 Massive Security Breaches


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Featured BloggerStorage Performance Challenges In Virtualized Environments

By George Crump

The storage infrastructure that supports a virtualized server environment can quickly become a roadblock to expansion. As the project grows, server virtualization places new performance and scaling demands on storage that many IT professionals have not had to deal with in the past. In this entry we will cover some of the causes of the problems and in upcoming entries we will discuss how to overcome those problems.


And Then There Were Three?

By Ed Hansberry

In the US, most cell phone users are with one of the big four networks - Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile. Rumors have been around for years that T-Mobile and Sprint may get together but nothing has come of it. A marriage of the two though may be on the horizon.

iSpeech Drives Application to iPhone

By Paul Korzeniowski

The phone rings while you are speeding down the highway at 50 mph. Answering the call can be difficult and even illegal in some cases, such as returning a text. In response to such scenarios, iSpeech developed, which now runs on the Apple iPhone.

Sizing Up Your E-Storefront

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Even if you're a bricks-and-mortar operation, your website is a "storefront," so make sure it looks good and gives users everything they need without having to dig. Is your site as good as it can be?

Still Some Flaws In The Ink Refill System

By Lamont Wood

The mystery of why refill ink is hard to use leads to the mystery of what the vendors are thinking.

iPrism Web Security Product Demo

Don't miss this live, online product demonstration of EdgeWave iPrism Web Security, winner of 5 stars across the board in SC Magazines 2011 Group Test of Web Content Management solutions and their recommended product. During this demonstration, conducted by an experienced iPrism Engineer, you will learn how easy it is to deploy and manage iPrism's self-contained, appliance-based Web Security. In an independent study, iPrism was proven to have the lowest total cost of ownership compared with other industry leaders.

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