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Apple Offers iPhone Cases; Engineers Ride Social Media

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TOP STORY: iPhone 4 Escapes Recall; Apple Offers Free Cases

MORE NEWS: Engineers Use Social Media For Business

ANALYTIC REPORT: Squeeze Play: The Expanding Profile Of Data Deduplication

WHITEPAPER: Extending Backup into the Cloud for Air Tight Data Protection

SLIDESHOW: Slideshow: Who's Who In Healthcare IT


BLOG: Government Apps For Your Phone

WEBCAST: Cloud Implementer's Checklist

RESOURCES: Take Our WAN Security Survey -- You Could Win An iPod Touch!

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Monday, July 19, 2010


But their intervention makes our acts to serve ever less merely the immediate claims of our instincts. -- Albert Einstein



iPhone 4 Escapes Recall; Apple Offers Free Cases

Steve Jobs says all phone antennas have sensitive areas and that Apple deliberately chose to make iPhone 4's weak spot visible for user convenience.


Fix iPhone 'Death Grip' For Free, Urges Senator

Apple: Wrong Formula To Blame For iPhone Woes

'Antennagate' Could Cost Apple $900 Million


Engineers Use Social Media For Business

Facebook, LinkedIn used to exchange information on technical issues, finds survey of automotive, aerospace engineers.

Police Return Gizmodo Editor's Computers

The San Mateo District Attorney has withdrawn the warrant it used to seize Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen's property over the lost iPhone 4 prototype.

Government Sees Virtualization Benefits

A majority of federal, state and local agencies are implementing virtualization and reaping benefits, but the public sector still lags behind the private in adoption according to CDW.

Global CIO: Who Is The Tech Sector's #1 Acquisition Target?

This little-known BI company had 2009 revenue of $157M plus blue-chip corporate customers and proven success on the iPhone and other mobile devices.

IBM Adds Web App Firewall To IPS Appliances

The 4.1 firmware release for the Security Network Intrusion Prevention System line of appliances includes client-side application protection, data security, web application protection and application control.

Firefox Home Arrives For iPhone

Unable to offer a mobile version of Firefox on the iPhone, Mozilla has managed to get Apple to accept an app that makes Firefox data available.

LapLink Simplifies Windows 7 Upgrade

PCmover Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant lets XP, Vista PCs move to Windows 7 without reinstalling apps, settings and data.

SAS Buys Intelligence Analytics Provider

The acquisition signals SAS' intent to pursue opportunities in the federal intelligence community.

Malware Spreading Via USB Drives

The Stuxnet rootkit launches even with AutoRun and AutoPlay disabled and is known to affect Windows 7 Enterprise Edition x86 operating systems.



Squeeze Play: The Expanding Profile Of Data Deduplication

There are many technologies that vendors say will help us get a handle on our storage. These include thin provisioning, data deduplication, improved compression methodologies, disk-to-disk-to-tape backup, encryption, virtual tape libraries, larger disk drives, and faster-performing drives. In this report, we'll touch on many of these and help sort out whether deduplication in particular makes sense in your environment.

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Featured Report

End-To-End Application Performance Management

This report explains how end-to-end application performance management (APM) helps companies achieve performance objectives through intelligent use of data discovered in servers, networks, and other components. It also covers APM use for application development and measuring cloud services.

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Featured Report


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Extending Backup into the Cloud for Air Tight Data Protection

IT managers are constantly looking for ways to solve their backup headaches - and are looking to cloud storage to help relieve the pain. Download this latest whitepaper to learn more.
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The State of Mobile Security

Consumers continue to express concern over using their mobile devices to conduct transactions, but these fears are born more of perception than reality. The security controls engaged today to mitigate risk at this level are substantial and effective. Get the facts on the true state of mobile messaging security.
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Slideshow: Who's Who In Healthcare IT
The push toward "meaningful use" of health IT in America's hospitals and medical practices involves some of the country's most talented healthcare and technology leaders. InformationWeek Healthcare shines a spotlight on some of those healthcare IT movers and shakers.   View Now


The 18 Best iPad Apps For SMBs

Analytics Slideshow: Expanding Profile Of Data Deduplication


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How To Calculate Cloud ROI
Your CFO expects credible scenarios for Cloud ROI. Jonathan Feldman's whiteboard tutorial will give you guidance on how to present it just right.   Watch


07.14.10 Circuit Breakers: Will They Work?

Phone Wars - A Demonstration of The Latest in Smartphones




Featured Blogger

Government Apps For Your Phone

By Ed Hansberry

The US government has written a number of apps for some of the smartphone platforms. You can get information on recalls, locations of alternative fuel stations or find the closest US embassy no matter where you are.


Emerson Issues Infrastructure Pointers For SMBs

By Lamont Wood

Emerson Network Power has issued two ebooks that cover basic facts about datacenter cooling and uninterruptible power supplies (UPSes).

Does Data Retention Really Protect A Corporation?

By George Crump

As I have gone through the series on developing a keep data for ever strategy, one of the criticisms has been about the risk to the organization. The conventional wisdom is that email stores and PST files are fertile ground for opposing counsel looking for evidence and by keeping that data forever you are exposing yourself to further risk. My opinion is that you are at no greater risk than with a strict retention strategy as explained below.

Death Knell For Software Patents

By Jim Rapoza

Could it be that software patents, which in my opinion have mainly been a drain on innovation, are finally on death's door? A recent decision could point to the answer being yes.

New Workforce Management Tools From Taleo, HumanConcepts

By Jake Widman

Insight and OrgPlus address different HR needs, from recruiting and screening to visualizing your organization and creating project teams.


Cloud Implementer's Checklist

Once your agency has completed the business case for deploying a private cloud, how do you actually move ahead with your data center transformation? In this InformationWeek Government Webcast, we'll explore steps to get you there, including a to-do list that will be helpful to anyone involved in the project.

It happens Aug. 11.

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We are conducting a survey examining WAN security concerns and the measures organizations take to protect data and information traveling across their networks.

Upon completion, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive one Apple 32-GB iPod Touch valued at $299 from TechWeb.

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