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Apple iPhone Ranks First; Broadband 'White Spaces' Show Promise

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TOP STORY: Apple iPhone Ranks First In Customer Satisfaction

MORE NEWS: Spectrum Bridge Trials Show Promise Of 'White Spaces'

ANALYTIC REPORT: Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

WHITEPAPER: Thin Provisioning Explained

SLIDESHOW: Fuze Takes Meetings To iPad

VIDEO: The New Economics of IT in a Virtualized World

BLOG: Windows Phone To Take Third Spot By 2012

WEBCAST: CRM Meets BPM: Turning Customers Into Loyal Fans

RESOURCES: Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Monday, September 27, 2010


"If you don't have daily objectives, you qualify as a dreamer." -- Zig Ziglar



Apple iPhone Ranks First In Customer Satisfaction

RIM's BlackBerry ranked second among smartphones in a J.D. Power study and LG topped the non-smartphone handset rankings.


Consumer Reports Still Thumbs Down On iPhone 4

Apple iPhone 4, A True Teardown

1.4 Million iPhone Users Plan Verizon Switch


Spectrum Bridge Trials Show Promise Of 'White Spaces'

Four deployments, in Calif., N.C., Ohio, and Va., point to the versatility and power of the broadband technology approved by the FCC Thursday.

FCC Approves 'White Spaces'

The so-called "super Wi-Fi" technology is the first significant block of spectrum made available for unlicensed use in more than 20 years.

Netflix Adds More NBC Universal TV Shows

Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, The Office and Battlestar Galactica are among the shows that will be offered via Netflix's online video subscription service under the expanded licensing deal.

Google Chrome Web Store Prepares To Open

Developers can now open Google Checkout merchant accounts in preparation for the debut of the Chrome Web Store.

Facebook Blames Outage On Database Failure

Programming chief says lengthy downtime was traced to an automated system designed to detect and fix error conditions.

iPad Hits Target Stores Next Month

Apple looks to broaden the tablet's appeal beyond the technologically hip smart set.

Global CIO: Oracle's Success Breeds Fear And Loathing At New York Times

The Times does a hatchet job with strident but unproven claims about widespread fear and intimidation among Oracle customers.

Google Awards $10 Million To Non-Profit Projects

Five organizations will receive grants ranging from $1 million to $3 million to tackle various social and civic challenges.

Nokia Eyeing Windows Phone For US Comeback

Reports suggest that Nokia's new CEO has been given the power to change the company's OS strategy, and is already considering Microsoft's Windows Phone platform.

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Beyond Adding Boxes: Smart Strategies For Growth

Is your IT group grappling with the cost and complexity of storing data? If you're looking to achieve greater efficiency, consider reservationless storage services, which improves utilization rates while cutting operational expenses. This ESG paper discusses new technologies that enable just-in-time storage provisioning.

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From Disaster Recovery To Continuous Data Protection

Continuous data protection used to be a pipe dream for most outside the financial world because of sky-high cost and complexity. That's changing, creating new options for businesses that require different thinking about disaster recovery.

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Thin Provisioning Explained

Exploding volumes of data that organizations need to manage are placing pressure on IT groups faced with budget constraints. Thin provisioning centralizes management and automates processes across a multi-node SAN to provide storage capacity for applications at the exact moment they need it.
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Research: 2010 State of Storage

In this report, we examine the winners and losers and share our recommendations for the top technology and process improvements enterprises should consider in the coming year.
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Fuze Takes Meetings To iPad

There are several iPad apps that bring the device into business meetings, but Fuze lets the iPad serve as meeting host.   View Now


19 Gadgets That Changed The World
IT Hall Of Shame, Part 2


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The New Economics of IT in a Virtualized World

Peter Hinssen, Managing Director, Across Group, describes how IT is evolving in the "New Normal" world of virtualization.   Watch


New Role of IT

Interacting with ASIMO




Featured Blogger

Windows Phone To Take Third Spot By 2012

By Ed Hansberry

Right now the smartphone race has two key players for consumers, iOS and Android. Add the enterprise and business customer to the mix and Blackberry shows up as well. Windows Phone 7 hasn't even launched yet, but at lest one analyst thinks that within two years, it will be third in the field.


8 HabITs Of Successful ITIL Experts

By Julie Mohr

Are you on a path to become an ITIL V3 Expert? You are not alone. Many consultants, practitioners and job seekers look at this certification as a means to improve their work and IT opportunities. How can you successfully prepare yourself for the long and arduous road to certification? Follow these simple habits of the successful ITIL Expert.

Does Your Website Need A Facelift?

By Michele Pepe-Warren

If you're a small business with a website, you'll probably agree that having an online presence has taken your business to new heights. But when's the last time you took a look at that website to make sure it's still the efficient, powerful brand-management tool you envisioned it to be? A stagnant website could lead to stagnant sales.

Microsoft To Make Security Essentials Free To Smaller Businesses

By Keith Ferrell

Got 10 or fewer computers and users in your business and want to protect them for free? Next month Microsoft will make its Security Essentials anti-virus, anti-malware program available at no charge to businesses consisting of up to 10 users... as long as those users are running legit copies of Windows.

What Solid State Form Factor Is Best - Integration

By George Crump

Returning to our Solid State Form factor series; this entry we are going to begin the discussion about solid state integration. There are really two parts of the integration discussion; how will you integrate solid state disk into your storage infrastructure and the other is how will your vendor integrate solid state disk into their storage system? We'll tackle the vendor issue first since it may directly impact how you integrate solid state storage.


CRM Meets BPM: Turning Customers Into Loyal Fans

In this interactive Webcast from Bank Systems & Technology and Wall Street & Technology, you'll learn how to dramatically improve both your operational efficiencies and your agility in responding to constantly changing consumer demands, by cohesively marrying business process management and CRM to attract satisfied, loyal customers.

It happens Oct. 14.

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Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara

See the latest collaboration tools and technologies at Enterprise 2.0 Santa Clara's comprehensive conference and expo. Gain thought leadership--from strategy to execution and performance monitoring--to bring the power of collaboration to your organization, accelerate information flow, drive revenue, and increase productivity.

It happens Nov. 8-11, 2010, in Santa Clara, Calif.

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