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Apple Adds 128-GB iPad | Dear RIM: The Romance Is Over

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InformationWeek Daily  
  Tuesday, January 29, 2013
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Between The Lines Columnist BlackBerry 10 Has This CIO Singing Taylor Swift
By John McGreavy
My enterprise will give the new BlackBerry 10 and BES careful consideration, but it appears our RIM romance is over.

BlackBerry 10: 6 Ways To Win Back Consumers
RIM BES 10: Too Little, Too Late

Apple Adds 128-GB iPad Starting At $799
Apple says boosting storage capacity will make the iPad more useful for enterprises, educators and artists who work with large files.

Oracle Wants Cloud Cake And Hardware Wins
Oracle hopes infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) plan will help the company have its cake and eat it, too -- boosting Oracle hardware use and increasing cloud subscription revenue.

Java Security Work Remains, Bug Hunter Says
Proof-of-concept attack can be used to run arbitrary Java apps, despite Oracle's recent security fix.

HP Disputes Printer Security Vulnerabilities
Weaknesses in printer networking software could be used to bypass authentication, deny service and retrieve documents from any user, Spanish researcher says.

Video Surveillance Feeds Big Data
For tasks including security and retail optimization, video increasingly meets data analytics. It's one more pressure on enterprise storage needs.

Apple iOS 6.1 Expands LTE Support
Apple's mobile operating system update also allows Siri to accept spoken orders for movie tickets.

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." -- Will Rogers


Video Surveillance Feeds Big Data
Apple iOS 6.1 Expands LTE Support
Research: Apple Outlook Survey
Protecting Corporate Assets Using SharePoint
9 Bandwidth Hogs: Reality Vs. Myth
Mobile Security -- A Holistic Approach
InformationWeek 2013 Database Technology Survey

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Posted By Chris Murphy:
"Smartphone makers can't succeed without widespread consumer success. BYOD, or at least choose-your-own-device, is too strong, so no CIO wants to make a bet on a device that's a pure enterprise device."
In reply to: "RIM BES 10: Too Little, Too Late"
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  Digital Issue  
Federal Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements will make your medical organization more competitive -- if they don't drive you off the deep end.

Also: As a nation, we're falling short of the goal of boosting efficiency and saving money with health IT.

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Research: Apple Outlook Survey
It wasn't long ago that only IT pros in education and creative services supported Apple products on a large scale. Sure, other orgs might have a few Mac users tucked away, islands of quirkiness in an ocean of Windows corporate conformity, but they were largely on their own. Times have changed thanks to iPhones and iPads, but the question remains: Will Apple step up to become an enduring enterprise presence?
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Featured Report
Strategy: One-Click Disaster Recovery
Automation and orchestration are all the rage among IT architects these days. One of the best places to apply the technology is to disaster recovery. Most organizations still want a "go" button, but after that, timely recovery requires automation. Here's what you need to know to make it happen.
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Featured Report


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Protecting Corporate Assets Using SharePoint
Content-Aware Access Management for SharePoint discovers, classifies and controls access to dynamic and sensitive information stored within SharePoint environments. Download this white paper to find out how this enables critical business process can continue while protecting sensitive corporate assets.
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Empowered Customers Drive Collaborative Business Evolution
Read this report to learn the four key findings driving business decisions today including the customer experience, touchpoints, lack of internal collaboration and non-technology hurdles to business transformation.
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9 Bandwidth Hogs: Reality Vs. Myth
Which user activities are actually eating up your bandwidth and clogging the network, and which can you ignore?

10 Best Android Apps Of 2012
Check out these 10 gems that stood out from the crowd of 700,000 Android apps.

BlackBerry Comeback: RIM Must Win Developer Support
Against odds, BlackBerry 10 is gaining hype and converting skeptics. To compete, though, it needs to attract developers. Does RIM have the app for that?

Anonymous Plays Games With U.S. Sites
Protesting over death of Internet activist Aaron Swartz, Anonymous defaces U.S. government websites to hide a free game of Asteroids.

Samsung Adds Multiwindow Mojo to Android
Multiwindow, multitasking features in Samsung's Android 4.1.2 update for the Galaxy Note 10.1 push Android's user interface into new territory, adding Windows-like capabilities that are sure to delight many users — and aggravate others.


7 Portals Powering Patient Engagement
Meaningful Use has put new strains on providers in terms of patient engagement, but these portals help ease the burden, says recent KLAS report.   View Now

9 Bandwidth Hogs: Reality Vs. Myth
New England Patriots' Winning Technology Plan


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CES 2013: It's A Wrap!
While some claim CES has lost its luster and big name headliners over the years, the show refuses to be deemed irrelevant. With trends spanning healthcare, mobile and automotive, there was plenty to see.   Watch

CES; the car show
Intel shows off eye tracking and gesture tech



Mobile Security -- A Holistic Approach
Managing and securing the mobile enterprise requires taking a holistic approach to defending the end-to-end scope of each mobile engagement. Security and management are highly intertwined and prerequisites to one another. Get more details during our webcast on Wednesday, February 6, 2013. More Information & Registration

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Take our survey on the state of database technology in the enterprise and you could win an Apple 16GB iPad 2 with WiFi!
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